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Mentoring Programme on Business Integrity: Mentoring Guide 2012

<p></p><p>The objectives of this Guide are to provide:</p><ul><li>a user-friendly document that will make the mentoring process easier for</li><li>mentors and mentees;</li><li>a clear understanding of the mentor-mentee relationship, as well as the</li><li>mentoring process;</li><li>for reciprocal learning between mentors and mentees;</li><li>valuable information for mentors, such as a discussion of the various strategies</li><li>that can be used with mentees; and</li><li>a discussion of anti-corruption and business integrity.</li></ul><p>This Guide is based on &nbsp;ontextual adult education instructional skills and knowledge, which will enable the mentors to &nbsp;ontextualize the content and build strategies to suit the needs of respective mentees.</p><p>This Guide is structured in four parts. The first part of the Guide (Chapters 2 to 4) focuses on the mentoring programme and the mentoring process, while the second part (Chapters 5 and 6) provides substantive content relating to anti-corruption and business integrity. Chapter 7 provides a simulation of real life business scenarios, dilemmas and case studies, while Chapter 8 provides a compendium of useful resources on business integrity and anti-corruption.</p><p>The Guide is written in a style that is accessible, user friendly and easy to read. While there is a section at the end of Guide with references to our sources, it is important to note that the Guide is not an academic or legal treatise.</p><p>Finally, the Guide is not exhaustive and so where information is limited, mentors are encouraged to expand upon the material from their experience or additional reading. To read more, &nbsp;<a href="http://influence-africa.org/publications/finish/1-publications/4-mentoring-programme-on-business-integrity-mentoring-guide-2012-" mce_href="publications/finish/1-publications/4-mentoring-programme-on-business-integrity-mentoring-guide-2012-" target="_blank">download the full report&nbsp;</a></p><p></p>



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