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neill » 6pm - Dec 30, 2014

Basket of Water: The Secret Behind Africa’s Under-development” explores illicit financial flows out of Africa in a captivating, entertaining, educative and informative manner. The production is narrated by award wining South African and Nigerian esteemed music icons: Judith Sephuma and Femi Kuti respectively. This production has been filmed in over 20 African countries, covering continental and international voices from organisations such as Global Financial Integrity in Washington DC, The Tax Justice Network in Africa, Financial Transparency Coalition as well as other key institutions with regards to the theme. The film aims to complement and engage with ongoing initiatives on Illicit Financial Flows and where possible, creating new platforms for engagement and advocacy for change in practice. It also seeks to show the impact of the scourge on ordinary African citizens, so as to find ways of strengthening the spotlight on the subject and to enhance awareness, participation, engagement with, and collaborative initiatives with like-minded institutions and organisations globally. This film, which is 90 minutes in length, is formatted as a special 3-part Series of 26 to 30 minutes per episode. This is presented in English with French subtitles.

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