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Influence Africa » 10pm - Jan 14, 2014

Against the backdrop of rising food prices, unemployment and the impact of the global recession, many countries in Africa are struggling to attain sustainable growth and development, even as lots of its citizens continue to be affected by the devastating impacts of Corruption which has become pervasive in many parts of Africa. In addressing this issue, Influence Africa has taken a lead, in conjunction with the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption in producing a documentary film series that focuses on the fight against corruption, which will serve as an advocacy tool and also highlights the work of the African Union Advisory Board in tackling corruption on the continent . The film profiles key trends, challenges and best practices instigated by the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption as well as member African countries who have ratified the AU Convention. By providing an interesting mix and use of footage, including expert opinions and dramatization of real-life occurrences; Influence Africa seeks to ensure that viewers are in-tune with the realities that exist in our everyday societies and are able to understand how corruption impacts us all. This Trailer is Produced for the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption by Influence Africa, as part of an introduction to the documentary film series which is titled 'Against the Rot'. The full series will be released at the end of February 2014.

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