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Influence Africa » 10pm - Dec 16, 2012

  Part 2 -The scenic beauty of Africa makes the continent a photographer’s paradise, blessed with enormous human and natural resources, massive opportunities for investment and private sector growth; unique wildlife ranging from the East African Wild Kalahari plains, the Serengeti plains, Kruger Park in South Africa, Rain forests of West Africa and the desert plains of North Africa. Africa has an untapped investment potential, with enormous potential for highly profitable foreign investment across different investments. The continent offers the discerning investor a wide range of investment opportunities ranging from Trade, Mining and the Extractive Industry, Energy, Transportation, Textiles, Banking and Financial Services, Infrastructure Development, Tourism, Information Communications Technology, Agriculture, Real Estate, Manufacturing and the Service Industry. With a perfect weather, Africa is friendly with some of the most hospitable people on the face of the earth. It is a place where vibrant and diverse culture intertwines with modernisation and the contemporary market place.  


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