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Environmental and Social Management
In resource-rich Africa, it is imperative to secure the livelihoods of the poor on the continent by providing effective environmental and social management models that will ensure that the population benefits directly from these resources. In this regard, Influence Africa’s environmental and social management systems cover our core specialist areas mainly: social, environmental and natural resource governance.

enviroThrough our knowledge of ESMS, we promote environmental and social management processes and procedures that allow an investor to effectively identify risks, analyze, control and reduce the environmental and social impacts of its activities, products and services. Our key activities include:

  • promoting ethical behavior and environmental best practice
  • facilitating multi-stakeholder engagements to meet these objectives and targets;
  • promoting and providing support in terms of developing community development plans, environmental and social impact assessments, corporate social responsibility and corporate social investment initiatives that ensures the promotion of local content and empowerment of local people;
  • contributing to social and environmental governance knowledge through research and development;
  • increasing the space for multi-stakeholder involvement in environmental and social processes through social media and film documentaries, which feeds into our strategy for sustainable livelihoods for communities and the vulnerable people in Africa;
  • encourage investment service providers (such as financial analysts, consultants, brokers, research firms, or rating companies) to integrate ESMS factors into evolving research and analysis;
  • advocating for ESMS training for investment professionals;
  • monitoring the production of sustainable energy in Africa. In conjunction with the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) in Holland, Influence Africa is monitoring Africa’s electricity giant ESKOM’s activities and operations in South Africa, Uganda and Mali;enviro2
  • working with regulators, policy makers, CSOs, international and local NGOs, research institutions such as SOMO, multinational energy corporations like Eskom and multilateral agencies to improve energy governance in Africa;
  • research, fieldwork and case study reports relative to social and environmental development projects in Africa;
  • closely monitoring environmental and social institutional and policy initiatives at the pan-African and national level;
  • integrated sustainability reporting as applicable to environmental, social and energy development projects in Africa; and
  • anti-corruption mechanisms and tools aimed at assessing transparency and accountability in the management of funds by both the public and the private sector relative to natural resource development in Africa.


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