Alliance Influence Africa NPC is geared towards promoting the long-term growth, competitiveness, and sustainability of Africa. Through media projects, solutions and services, we act as catalysts for ensuring sustainable development on the continent. We seek to influence policies and practices, as well as and facilitate collective multi-stakeholder action in key areas of practice.


We have the ability to transform technical content into captivating, entertaining and educative media products that are accessible to a wide range of audiences.

We cover key events across the development sector in Africa, in a manner that makes technical information regarding the sustainable development discourse easily accessible to a wide range of audiences and sectors.


Africa focused: 
We aim to redefine the African narrative and highlight the potential that lies in Africa.

Exploring social and economic, natural, academic, economic and historical environments:
We showcase the possibilities, experiences and opportunities in Africa.

Quality editorial content:
It is quality content for all. The viewer will see Africa’s light.

We want Africa to unfold before people’s eyes, taking them on a journey about key leverage areas that make Africa a better place.

Influencing Africa:
We aim to influence policies and practices, as well as promote collaborative multi-stakeholder action.

We work towards making Africa a better place, through supporting communities of practice geared towards the long-term growth, competitiveness, and sustainability of the continent.

We work with NGOs, businesses, public sector, and well as several inter-governmental agencies and official African institutions…

Influence Africa works with the official languages of The African Union. Our TV content, which is filmed across over 40 African countries, provides viewers with the opportunity to keep abreast with key issues that relate to Africa’s long-term growth and development.

Our Film Production capabilities include:
a. Monitoring & Evaluation Feedback Videos
b. Documentary Videos
c. Docu-drama Videos
d. TV Shows
e. Corporate, Explainer, Training, Brand and Promotional Videos

f. Motion Graphics and Animation
g. Media Coverage of Events
h. Working with different languages of the AU
i. Production of Original Soundtracks and Music Scores in all the official languages of the African Union.

The Pan African Centre for Policy Studies (PACPS) is an independent not-for-profit Pan African Think Tank that seeks to influence policy ideas and decisions that impact the efficacy of African institutions at continental, regional, and national levels.

PACPS is founded with the purpose of contributing to the generation of knowledge, sharing of experiences, and the stimulation of practices and capacities, to sustain the economic transformation, development of democratic welfare states, and resilient societies in the African continent.

Influence Africa actively supports the actualization of:

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