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What we do

Influence Africa is a social enterprise organisation geared towards promoting the long-term growth, competitiveness and sustainability in Africa. It acts as a catalyst for ensuring sustainable development on the continent, and seeks the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets.

Influence Africa works through engagement with policy and the regulatory environment. It seeks to positively influence collective multi-stakeholder engagement through partnerships in key practice areas.

The key focus of Influence Africa’s work is the accumulation of knowledge and intelligence through innovative and rigorous research. Influence Africa views responsible growth and competitiveness as key components for Africa’s sustainable development. As a result, Influence Africa provides solutions to cater to the growing needs of the African market.

Our core aims are actionable through:

  • advocacy
  • building networks and partnerships
  • use of innovative media tools and platforms
  • facilitating multi-stakeholder engagement, and
  • training and capacity building

Our activities positively impact policy, practice and partnership in a number of key leverage areas illustrated below.

What We Do

Influence Africa provides support for the objectives of a number of international bodies and frameworks, including:

  • UN Global Compact, the Global reporting Initiative,
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and
  • Africa Corporate Sustainability Forum (a multi-stakeholder platform, providing an opportunity for business to discuss and act on corporate sustainability policy and practice in Africa).

We work with companies, business associations, civil society organisations, international NGOs / multilateral institutions, national governments, agencies and regulators, as well as official African institutions.

The Secretariat for Influence Africa is based in Johannesburg, South Africa registered as a non-profit company in terms of the Companies Act (registration number: 2001/020857/08).


At Influence Africa, we embrace the following values:

  • making a difference
  • promoting long-term social and environmental sustainability
  • ensuring ethical and professional business conduct
  • respect for Human Rights
  • ensuring individual and collective excellence
  • consistently fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Our Philosophy

At Influence Africa, our philosophy of our teamwork lies on our strength and diversity. We work with a network of partners, associate researchers, media experts and resource persons that are geographically spread across Africa. We have an Advisory Board that is comprised of eminent Africans that are thought leaders within the sustainable development landscape in Africa.

Use of Multi-media platforms

Influence Africa uses a range of multimedia platforms as part of the aforementioned services and as a communication and advocacy tool to engage the public and key stakeholder groups. The multimedia platforms range from an online film portal, to the careful harnessing of popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Through these platforms, issues of development and social change can now be open to discussion to anyone who has access to the Internet. The use of multimedia, particularly on the mobile platform, allows for the conversation to be expanded to people who originally have not had access to discussions around development and social change.



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